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Regulator & Torch Rebuild Service

Regulator & Torch Exchange, Inc. rebuilds over 1350 regulators and torches a month.  Over the last 19 years, we have become the premier gas apparatus service facility in the Southeast.   Our teams has over 100 years of sales and service experience in the welding and cutting gas apparatus industry.

We work with over 300 welding distributor locations throughout the US.  We service regulator and torches for the end users as well, from ship yards, scrap yards, and back yards.  We are the first choice for quality service of torches and regulator for the welding industry.

All of the equipment we service is completely rebuilt.  All soft parts (seals, o-rings, gasket, and seats) are replaced.  A new inlet connection is installed on every regulator and a new tip nut is installed on every cutting torch.

We warranty our rebuild for 180 days!!!

Rebuild Steps

All equipment is logged in with name and tag number, along with the serial number of equipment and any special instructions from the user.

Regulators - step 1
Torch - step 1

The equipment is broken down and each part is inspected for wear or damage. The worn or damage parts are discarded along with all soft parts (seals, o-ring, seats and gaskets).

Regulators - step 2
Torch - step 2

Each part is cleaned and prepared for reassembly. All soft parts (seals, o-rings and seats) are replaced. The equipment is rebuilt, not just repaired.

Regulators - step 3
Torch - step 3

The equipment is reassembled with all new soft parts. Every torch receives a new tip nut and every regulator receives a new inlet nut and nipple.

Regulators - step 4
Torch - step 4

Equipment is tested following strict procedures for each type of equipment. Every regulator is pressure checked using dry nitrogen. Every torch is flame tested to insure proper working order.

Regulators - step 5
Torch - step 5

The equipment is refinished. Dust seals are installed to keep contaminates out of equipment. The equipment is sealed and returned, usually within 3-4 days.

Regulators - step 6
Torch - step 6