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 Frequently Asked Questions 

1)  Why is my credit card declined when placing an order in the shopping cart?

If the credit card billing address and zip code do not match the records on file with the credit card bank,  the credit card will be declined.  This is a sercurity measure that protects both Regulator & Torch Exchange, Inc. and the card holder.  When placing a order, please make sure the billing address, zip, and the CCV number on the back of your card matchs the credit card bank records.  The shipping address does not have to be the same. 

2)  Why are parts only avialable for a few models of equipment  in the shopping cart?

While Regulator & Torch Exchange, Inc. has parts for almost all models of welding and cutting
equipment, and is continually adding models and parts to the shopping cart,  it is impractical to list 
parts for the thousands of different models available today.   
3)  If parts are not available in the shopping cart, can orders be placed over the phone with 
     Regulator & Torch Exchange, Inc.
Absolutely,  Regulator & Torch Exchange, Inc. is always here to meet your gas apparatus parts and service needs by phone, internet or in person.
4)  Does Regulator & Torch Exchange, Inc. offer same day shipping?
Yes. Express shipment orders placed for in stock items before12 Noon EST, will be shipped the same business day. All  express shipment orders placed after 12 Noon EST  and all ground shipments will be shipped the next business day. 
5)  Does Regulator & Torch Exchange, Inc. offer free shipping?
Regulator & Torch Exchange, Inc. will pay the shipping cost on all orders  over $100.00 shipped to US addresses.  All Free Shipping order must be placed online through our Shopping Cart.  Free shipping offer is for UPS Ground or USPS  only.  Shipping will be charge on all order shipped Express.  Regulator & Torch Exchange, Inc. reserves the right to change the shipping provider from one selected at checkout.
6)  Does Regulator & Torch Exchange, Inc. ship items to address outside of the United States?
Regulator and Torch Exchange, Inc. ships to US addresses only.  
7)  Why does Regulator & Torch Exchange, Inc. require acceptance of the sales agreement for some
Like many major manufacturers of gas apparatus, Regulator & Torch Exchange, Inc. recommends that repair of gas apparatus be performed only by a trained repair technician. Because of the inherent danger associated with gas apparatus and the repair of such equipment, Regulator & Torch Exchange, Inc. asks for a sales agreement to protect against liability in the event repair parts are not installed or used properly. The sale agreement applies to all internal repair parts sold.
7)  Does Regulator & Torch Exchange, Inc.  include instructions with regulator & torch repair kits?
Because the repair of gas apparatus should only be preformed by trained repair technicians, Regulator & Torch Exchange, Inc. does not include insturctions in repair kits.
9)  What is Regulator & Torch Exchange, Inc.’s return policy for repair parts?
Any item unused and  in it’s original packaging may be returned for full credit of part cost. Any shipping cost will not be credited.  Repair Kits must be unopened!
10)  If an order is not in stock will my credit card be charged?
No. If all or part of your order is not in stock, Regulator & Torch Exchange, Inc. will not bill your credit card until your items are shipped.
11)  If parts are ordered and the repair is unable to be completed in the field, will full credit for  
       the parts be given towards the cost of repair?
If  parts are returned undamaged, then yes, Regulator & Torch Exchange, Inc. will give full credit for the
parts (excluding shipping) toward the cost of repair.