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Thank you for visiting our on-line store.  We appreciate the opportunity to serve you.  As the premier industrial gas apparatus parts and service provider in the Southeast, our dedicated team is ready to help.   

From repair parts for torches and regulators to new and rebuilt welding and cutting equipment, we are here to meet all of your torch and regulator parts and service needs.

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Victor Equipment 315FC Welding Handle

Let the Professionals Rebuild your Equipment 

  If you would like to have your equipment rebuilt by factory trained repair techs, please print out our downloadable Internet Work Order and send a copy in with your equipment.

Cost to Rebuilt - $54.00

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Victor Valve Body-Fuel
Price: $25.95
Victor Valve Body -Oxygen
Price: $25.95
Victor Flash Arrestors 0657-0035
Price: $24.95
Large Victor O-ring Set- Bulk
Price: $23.95
Christo-Lube Oil
Price: $21.95
Christo-Lube Grease 2oz
Price: $21.95
Christo-Lube Grease 5 gram
Price: $8.95
Safety Solvant
Price: $8.75
#0662-0014 Valve Stem
Price: $7.95
Leak Detector
Price: $5.95
#0652-0029 Internal Check Valve
Price: $5.95
O-ring Set (Large Victor)
Price: $1.95