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SR 250




 Victor Equipment SR 250 Series Regulator


 If you would like to have your equipment rebuilt by factory trained repair techs, please print out our downloadable Internet Work Order and send a copy in with your equipment.  Let the Professionals Rebuild your Equipment 


Cost for Standard Rebuild - $54.00* (Parts and Labor)

*Internet quote is for a standard rebuild, equipment needing more than just soft parts (seats, O-rings, seals, and gaskets), gauges and inlet connections on regulators, or tip nuts and preheat valves on torches may cost more to rebuild.

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SR250 Regulator  
SR250 Repair Kit #0790-0048  
2" Pressure Gauge  
CGA 540 Nut  
CGA 540 Nipple  
CGA 540 Nut and Nipple  
Victor Gauge Guard  
Check Valve Set  
200# Relief Valve  
100# Relief Valve  
Regulator Outlet Bushing  
Leak Detector  
Safety Solvant