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Repair Steps


Regulator Repair Step 1 All equipment is logged in with end user's name and tag number. Along with the serial number of equipment and any special instructions from the end user. Torch Repair Step 1
Regulator Repair Step 2 The equipment is broken down and each part is inspected for wear or damage. The worn or damage parts are discarded. Torch Repair Step 2
Regulator Repair Step 3 Each part is cleaned and prepared for reassembly. All soft parts (seals, o-rings and seats) are replaced. The equipment is rebuilt, not just repaired. Torch Repair Step 3
Regulator Repair Step 4 The equipment is reassembled with all new soft parts. Every torch receives a new tip nut and every regulator receives a new inlet nut and nipple. Torch Repair Step 4
Regulator Repair Step 5 Equipment is tested following strict procedures for each type of equipment. Every regulator is pressure checked using dry nitrogen. Every torch is flame tested to insure proper working order. Torch Repair Step 5
Regulator Repair Step 6 The equipment is refinished. Dust seals are installed to keep contaminates out of equipment. The equipment is sealed and returned to the customer. Torch Repair Step 6


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