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250-80-540 Repair Kit

RTX-FP250-80-540-RK - Repair Kit for Fire Power 250-80-540 Victor Regulator. Kit has both original Victor and aftermarker parts.  Kit has the following parts:

 Diaphragm (Rubber Only) #0731-0042 Seat Assemble #0740-0010 Friction Washer #1408-0033 Nozzle Gasket #1408-0086, Slip Ring #0705-0004 and Relief O-ring (Not Pictured) #1407-0255.

This Repair kit will also rebuild the VIctor AF250 Flowgauge and a Blue Point oxygen regulator that is stamped BSS-250.

Please Note: Victor makes several regulators with the model number 250-80-540.  This repair kit will rebuild all Victor regulators with 250-80-540 STAMPED into the Brass Spring Housing Cap.  Victor regulators that are only  LABELED 250-80-540 are not repair with this kit.  Also, the adjust screw on regulators rebuildable by this kit  are brass. 

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MSRP: $35.95
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Liability Waiver:

  I fully understand that servicing, repairing, or modifying industrial gas apparatus should be preformed only by a qualified technician. I understand that improper service, repair, or modification of industrial gas apparatus may result in injury or death, and damage to the equipment or other personal property.  I understand that failure to install replacement parts correctly may result in a product that will not perform satisfactorily. Even if parts are correctly installed, the product may fail to perform satisfactorily if other parts not being replaced are worn, corroded, or dirty.  Regulator & Torch Exchange, Inc.  assumes no responsibility or liability for performance of products repaired  by purchaser, his/her heirs, executors or assignees or by third parties.  I understand that by accepting this agreement, I assume total responsibility and liability for performance of any gas apparatus repaired, serviced, or modified by parts purchased for Regulator & Torch Exchange, Inc.

  I understand that Regulator & Torch Exchange, Inc. makes no warranties either express or implied covering the performance of any product which has been repaired using replacement parts purchased from Regulator & Torch Exchange, Inc. 

  I understand that using aftermarket parts may void any warranty offer from the original Manufacturer of industrial gas apparatus. 

  I understand that repair kits purchased from Regulator & Torch Exchange, Inc. will not include instructions. 


 As a condition of purchase and before installing parts from Regulator & Torch Exchange, Inc. the purchaser will from the date of purchase, indemnify and hold harmless Regulator & Torch Exchange, Inc., and any entity or individual ever associated with Regulator & Torch Exchange, Inc., including suppliers, employees, and officers, from any and all liability, causes of action, claims, demands, costs or debts of any kind or nature, incurred or arising from or out of the purchaser’s or other’s use of repair parts purchased from Regulator & Torch Exchange, Inc. whether brought by the purchaser, his/her heirs, executors or assignees or by third parties.





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